David Ayala
David Ayala
Over Twenty Years Experience

Over Twenty Years Experience

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About Me

I am a graphic artist with over twenty years worth of professional experience. I attended the Kubert School in Dover, NJ, in 1987-88; a technical school for sequential art, commercial illustration, and animation. Shortly after attending, I designed gaming tokens for the Las Vegas casino industry. During the mid 90s I worked for three different mints: Nevada Coin Minting, Casino Tokens, and G.D.C., I designed a majority of all tokens in the industry during that time period. My focus shifted to the sign industry. I designed interior/exterior signs for domestic and intentional clients. I have spent the last few years in the newspaper business doing graphic art and editorial cartoons.

Graphics Software

My expertise is in the use of CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. I also excel in the following software programs: Microsoft Power Point, Quark Xpress, MultiAd Creator, Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Illustrator, AdForce page layout, and Puzzleflow Prepress Automation Software I am fluent on both PC and Macs.

Freehand Illustratio

I also possess first rate drawing skills and can create high quality custom illustrations in a variety of styles. I have worked in a freelance capacity for multiple t-shirt companies. I have worked at private parties and community events as a caricature artist. I have also drawn editorial cartoons.
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